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[BALANCE PAYMENT] 1/20 Scale World Figure [LUCKY WINGS Studio] - Misty & Water Pokémon

[BALANCE PAYMENT] 1/20 Scale World Figure [LUCKY WINGS Studio] - Misty & Water Pokémon

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Set 1 : Misty & Psyduck & Staryu & Togepi & Luvdisc & Water Base

Set 2 : Misty & Goldeen & Starmie & Corsola & Water Base

Set 3 : Smilling Psyduck & Togepi Egg & Psyduck Egg & Cloud Base

Estimated release date Q2 2022
Studio Lucky Wings Studio
Material Resin


Balance payment
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Set 1 / Set 2 / Set 3

50€ / 50€ / 20€
90€ / 90€ / 20€ + Shipping fee
140€ / 140€ / 40€ + Shipping fee

Size All Pokémon are in 1/20 scale of the size in Pokédex. The height of the Psyduck figure is about 4.0 cm, Misty with Staryu 6.0 cm
Note Set 3 as Bonus (free) if preorder Set 1 + Set 2

Preorder Policy

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  • Assembly

    Some figures may require assembly. Those with embedded magnets can be easily assembled, while others may need Blue-tack or super-glue, based on your preference.

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  • Handcrafted Nature

    These figures are meticulously handcrafted, ensuring high-quality standards. However, slight variations in colors or design compared to the advertisement may occur due to the handcrafted process.

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  • Estimated Release Time

    The release dates are estimated and subject to change due to studio schedules. We strive to keep you informed with the latest information about your order.

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  • Shipping cost

    Once the figures are prepared for shipment, the shipping cost will be determined based on the shipping method, the destination country, and the weight and the dimensions (length, width, height) of the package.

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